Assignable Technology

Pin point allocated transactions with combo’s for an easy user experience

Seat Assignment

  • For any size venue
  • Make selection simple
  • Advanced Up-Sales with combo options
  • Sell seats combined with other sales options
  • Meet user needs by offering various ticket options per seat ie child, adult, senior

…Endless Possibilities

Site Assignment

  • For any map or floor plan
  • Easy user interface
  • Advanced Up-Sales with combo options
  • Sell various priced campsites with admission & ’shower passes’
  • Perfect for tradeshow vendor booths sales

…Endless Possibilities

Shows, Arenas or Theatre Seating

  • Purchasers choose their seat when buying admission
  • Add other offerings in ticketing bundle option ie drink + popcorn
  • Offer Gift Certificates for future performances

…Endless Possibilities

Campsites with Festival Entrance

  • Allow attendees to purchase entrance + campsite
  • Purchasers can choose site location
  • Add other offerings in ticketing bundle option

…Endless Possibilities

Tradeshow Vendor Booth Automation

  • Allow vendors to register their booth
  • Have registrants answer questions regarding vendor needs ie electrical?
  • Allow vendors to choose their booth location

…Endless Possibilities

Dedicated Transportation Seat Purchases

  • Offer excursion payment + seating choice
  • Ask questions prior to checkout regarding passenger needs
  • Add other offerings in ticketing bundle option

…Endless Possibilities

Restaurant Pre-Paid Dining Seating

  • Patrons may pre-purchase food bundle options + choose their table
  • ie appetizer, entree & drink for 2 or 4 people + table choice as ticketing package
  • Timed sales allow for multiple seatings

…Endless Possibilities

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